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Basic Features

Account Control Panel
Handle all aspects of domain administration from this control panel. You can manage email, view site stats, or add features. It also allows you to upload, edit, rename files and much more.

Addon Domains
Addon domains are additional domains that share your site. This feature allows you to host additional domains on your site.

Advanced Guestbook
This guestbook is php/MySQL based.

Agora Shopping Cart
AgoraCart is a powerful, customizable, secure Open Source ecommerce shopping cart software that is easily installed on your website. AgoraCart's flexible and modular design allows you complete customization.

Analog Stats
Compiles a simple summary of all the people who have visited your site. It is fast and provides great lightweight statistics. It provides limited content but can be helpful to see where your main users are from You can see which web pages are the most popular, as well as what days and what time you are experiencing the most traffic

Auto Responders
You can use auto responders to send a message back automatically to anyone who sends an email to a specified account. This can be used to let your clients know their message was received or you are on unavailable.

Create your own blog with this PHP/MySQL blog system.

Backup Wizard
This feature allows you to download a zipped copy of your entire site or parts of it onto your computer and restore it later. Along with the site, MySQL databases, email forwarders configuration, and email filters configuration are also backed up.

BoxTrapper protects your inbox from spam by requiring all email senders not on your Whitelist reply to a verification email before you can receive their mail.

CGI Email
This CGI script allows visitors to fill out a form that is emailed to you.

This utility will create a real-time Java clock for your site.

Domain Lookup
The Domain Lookup tool allows you to find out the IP address of any domain, as well as DNS information about that domain. This can be a very useful tool right after your site is set up or after DNS changes have been made to make sure your DNS is setup properly.

Configure The Account Control Panel Language
This function allows you to change the language displayed in your cPanel interface (i.e. change the language from english to Spanish). If you need a new language, contact your cPanel provider so they can install it.

Coppermine Image Gallery
Create and maintain an image gallery with this php/MySQL program. resizing.

this CGI script allows you to create that displays a countdown to a specific date.

This CGI script allows you to add a visible counter that displays how many visitors have been to your site.

Cron Jobs
Cron jobs allow you to automate certain commands or scripts on your site. You can set a command or script to run at a specific time every day, week, etc. For example, you could set a cron job to delete temporary files every week to free up disk space.
Warning: You need to have a good knowledge of Linux commands before you can use cron jobs effectively. Check your script with your hosting administrator before adding a cron job.

Disk Storage
Each 100 megs of storage space can hold approximately 5000 average pages or files. Don't pay for more than you need. You can always add more storage space later.

Email Account Forwarders
Forwarders allow you to send a copy of all mail from one email address to another. For example, if you have two different email accounts, and, you could forward to for faster retrieval. Note that the forwarded mail will still be delivered to the original address.

Email Authentication
Email authentication helps prevent spam. These features equip email messages with verifiable information and also work to prevent spammers from forging messages that claim to be from your domain(s).

Email Trace
This feature allows you to review email delivery attempts for your account. You can see details of each delivery attempt, including whether a message was delivered successfully. You can also see the delivery route for a message from your accountís mail server to a remote address.

Entropy Banners
This CGI script allows you to create rotating banner ads for your site.

Entropy Search
Set up a search engine for you site with this CGI script.

Error Pages
An error page informs a visitor when there is a problem accessing your site, i.e. 404 page not found. Basic error pages are automatically provided by the web server (Apache). However, if you prefer, you can create a custom error page for any valid HTTP status code beginning in 4 or 5.

FrontPage Extensions
FrontPage Extensions allow you to publish your site directly from the FrontPage application. This means that you will not have to upload files through FTP or another method. Warning: Installing or uninstalling FrontPage extensions will result in the loss of all ".htaccess" files. Any changes you have made to your ".htaccess" files will be lost. Any directories you have protected with WebProtect will become unprotected until you re-protect them.

FTP Accounts
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Like the name implies, its main purpose is to make transferring files from one computer to another as fast and easy as possible. In order to use FTP you will need a third party program.

FTP Session Control
You can use this function to see who is currently logged into your site through FTP. You can also terminate any FTP connections to your site that you feel should not be open. This can be very useful in preventing users from accessing your files without your permission.

Hotlink Protection
Hotlink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to specific files on your website. Sites will still be able to link to any file type that you don't specify (i.e., HTML files), but protects against links that steal your bandwidth. An example of hotlinking would be using an img tag to display an image from your site somewhere else on the Web.

Image tools - Image Converter
The Convert Image Format function allows you to change the format of an image to another file type. For example, you could change a .jpg to a .bmp.

Image Tools Image Scaler
The Image Scaler allows you to change the size of an image on your site.

Image tools - Thumbnailer
The Thumbnailer allows you to view a small (thumbnail-sized) version of any images in a directory on your site.

Index Manager
The Index Manager allows you to customize the way a directory will be viewed on the web. You can hide a directory entirely, or you can select between two types of indexing.

IP Deny Manager
This feature will allow you to block a range of IP addresses to prevent them from accessing your site. You can also enter a fully qualified domain name, and the IP Deny Manager will attempt to resolve it to an IP address for you.

Leech Protect
Leech Protect allows you to prevent your users from giving out or publicly posting their passwords to a restricted area of your site. This feature will redirect accounts which have been compromised to a URL of your choice (and suspend them, if you choose).

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists can simplify sending messages to a large group of people. You can add a group of email addresses to a mailing list to avoid typing those addresses each time you send a message. This can be very useful when sending newsletters or other updates to large groups of people.

MIME Types"
MIME types tell browsers how to handle specific extensions. For example, the text/html MIME type equates to .htm, .html, and .shtml extensions on most servers, and this tells your browser to interpret all files with those extensions as HTML files. You can alter or add new MIME types specifically for your site (note that you can not alter the system defined MIME type values). MIME types are often used to handle new technologies as they appear. When WAP technology first appeared no one had these extensions set up on their server. With MIME types, however, you could have set it up yourself and begun serving WAP pages immediately.

MySQL Database Wizard
MySQL Databases allow you to store lots of information in an easy to access manner. Currently we are running version 5.1.63-cll The databases themselves are not easily read by humans. MySQL databases are required by many web applications including some bulletin boards, content management systems, and others. To use a database, you'll need to create it. Only MySQL Users (different than mail or other users) that have privileges to access a database can read from or write to that database. Detailed information can be obtained at

Network Tools
Network Tools allow a user to find out information about any domain, or to trace the route from the server your site is on to the computer you are accessing cPanel from. Finding out information about a domain can be useful in making sure your DNS is set up properly as you will find out information about your IP address as well as your DNS.

Parked Domains
Parked Domains (Domain pointers) allow you to "point" or "park" additional domain names to your existing hosting account. For example a user could use either or to access your website.

Password Protected Directories
This option will allow you to require a username and password to access a folder or folders from the web. This can be very useful when you need to limit access to a certain part of your site.

PHP Extensions and Applications Installer
PEAR packages are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in PHP. You will need to install a PEAR package before you can use it inside a PHP program. Packages are installed directly from the PHP Extensions and Applications repository (PEAR).

Perl Module Installer
Perl modules are collections of functions that allow you to perform tasks in Perl.

PHP version 5.2.17
PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. It can easily manage dynamic web page content.

Allows you to manage your SQL databases over the internet. It removes any platform specific limitations.

Create PHP/MySQL based chat room.

Random HTML Generator
The random HTML generator picks a string of HTML code from a list and inserts it into an SSI (Server Side Includes)-enabled web page.

Raw Access Log
Raw Access Logs allow you to see who has visited your website without displaying graphs, charts or other graphics. You can use the Raw Access Logs menu to download a zipped version of the serverís access log for your site. This can be very useful when you want to quickly be able to see who is visiting your site.

Redirects allow you to make a specific web page redirect to another page and display the contents of that page. This way you can make a page with a long URL accessible by a page which has a shorter and easier to remember URL.

Simple CGI Wrapper
The CGI wrapper will allow you to run CGI scripts with your user ID.

Simple DNS Zone Editor
DNS is the component of the Internet which converts human-readable domain names (e.g. into computer-readable IP addresses (e.g. It does this according to DNS zone files that reside on your server which tie domain names to IP addresses. This feature allows you to create and edit A and CNAME records.

Simple Guestbook
A simple guestbook for you visitors to view and sign.

SpamAssassin is an automated email filtering system that attempts to identify spam messages based on the content of the email's headers and body.

Subdomains are URLs for different sections of your website. They use your main domain name and a prefix. For example, if your domain is a sub-domain of your domain might be

SSH allows secure file transfer and remote logins over the internet. Your connection via SSH is encrypted allowing the secure connection. You can manage your SSH keys to allow automation when logging in via SSH. Using public key authentication is an alternative to password authentication. Since the private key must be held to authenticate, it is virtually impossible to brute force. You can Import existing keys, generate new keys, as well as manage/delete keys.

Transfer/Traffic Allowance (Bandwidth)
1GB of bandwidth provides approximately 77,500 "hits" of traffic. This is more than enough for the average site.

Video Tutorials
You will be a pro in no time with cPanel's video tutorials. almost every subject is covered. These tutorials allow you to easily learn as you can rewind, pause, and fast forward through any of the videos.

Webalizer Stats
Webalizer is a complex stats program that produces a variety of charts and graphs about who has visited your site.

Webmail allows you to access your email from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. Please make sure to log out when checking your email on public computers so that other people cannot read your email.

Use this popular program to build a blog or build your website.

YaBB Bulletin Board
A secure, feature-rich Perl based forum program.

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